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The Balvenie

Region: Highlands
District: Speyside (Dufftown)

The Balvenie Distillery is most unique. It grows its own barley, still does its own floor maltings, has its own cooper to maintain the barrels in which its whisky is matured and has its own coppersmith to take care of its stills. Balvenie Distillery was founded in 1892 near the ruins of the fourteenth-century castle by the same name. It is also located next to the famous Glenfiddich Distillery and, in fact, shares the same malt supply and water source. That is where the similarities end, because the whiskies are completely different in character.

10 year old, Founder's Reserve

Proof 86
Color Medium golden-dark straw
Nose Rich, full with some fruitiness. Light to medium sweetness and quite mellow, with some smokiness.
Body Full
Palate Smooth, medium-dry, with some malt and a trace of honey and oak. The sherry comes through to a slight degree.
Finish Maintains a medium, but rich, aftertaste with the light sherry notes persisiting.

12 year old, Double Wood

Proof 86
Color Medium gold or amber
Nose The sherry comes through due to the second
Body Full
Palate Mellow, rich and smooth. An interesting complexity that will make you pay attention to detail as you taste this very unique malt
Finish Warming. Long-lasting, with the complexity still getting one's attention. The sherry is evident, with a most interesting fullne

15 year old, Single Barrel, cask #8797

Proof 101
Color Medium gold
Nose Mellow, with noticeably more fullness. Some sweetness and a little smoke.
Body Full and rich
Palate Full, rich flavor. Very smooth and round. Medium-sweet, with some oak in evidence. Malty-sweetness comes through, also.
Finish Long and full.

21 year old

Proof 86
Color Golden amber
Nose Some cereal notes at first with the hint of port coming through a bit later. Quite full.
Body Full and rich
Palate Full and somewhat assertive. With some patience, a complexity of flavors will be forthcoming. Some fruit, slight sweetness and
Finish Long and lingering. Somewhat dry with some oak present.

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