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Region: Campbeltown
District: null

Springbank Distillery was founded in 1828 and is one of the very few distilleries that is still owned by descendants of its founders - the Mitchell family. It is one of only two Campbeltown distilleries, out of thirty-two, that were in production at the beginning of the century. There are some distinctive features with Springbank that some believe contribute to its excellent quality and reputation. For example, its whisky is distilled three times instead of the customary two times. It also refuses to chill-filter the whisky before bottling, and it re-distills the foreshots and feints separately instead of adding them to the low wines in the distillation run. Its bottlings are done on the premises of the distillery which is very rare these days. In addition to Springbank, this most extraordinary distillery produces another single malt by the name of Longrow which is produced from malt that is wholly peat-dried. The extremely heavy peat and smoke character of this malt is reminiscent of Scotch single malts from a century or two earlier. The bold and adventuresome attitude that embodies the Springbank administration sets it apart from the rest of the industry. The astute connoisseur of the Scotch single malt is always alert for the next "surprise malt" from Springbank.

12 year old, Cask-strength

Proof 100
Color Dark, deep amber.
Nose Full, rich, ripe, with a robust sherry sweetness.
Body Full. Almost chewy.
Palate Very complex, rich, full, round and well-balanced. Sherry sweet with fruity and brine undertones. A real treat and a
Finish Extremely long and lingering. Complex with some sweetness and a hint of the sea.

21 year old

Proof 92
Color Medium amber.
Nose Quite fragrant and well-balanced.
Body Full, round and smooth.
Palate Some peat; sweetness, with a hint of brine and iodine.
Finish Long and lingering, sweet with a touch of salt.

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