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Royal Lochnagar

Region: Highlands
District: Eastern

Built in 1845 as it is presently known, the first legal Lochnagar distillery was actually established in 1826 by a man who may have originally been involved in illicit whisky. The Lochnagar Distillery is located about a mile from Balmoral Castle. In fact, the prefix "Royal" was added after a visit to the distillery by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1848. During this visit and tour, the owner, John Beg, persuaded the royal couple to try a dram. They apparently were very impressed and awarded Mr. Beg a royal warrant and permission to use the name Royal Lochnagar. In the 1970s and 80s, however, the distillery management decided to return to its original name, Lochnagar, but then re-adopted the name Royal Lochnagar recently. So, don't be confused. When you see the name, it is from the same distillery.

12 year old

Proof 86
Color Golden amber.
Nose Medium to full, pleasant, with a hint of peat. Some vanilla.
Body Medium to full, with some sweetness. Smooth.
Palate A trace of malt and peat, with fruity sweetness. Some oak and vanilla.
Finish Very pleasant and lingering, with some sherry and smoke.

Special Reserve

Proof 86
Color Dark amber.
Nose Sherry is obvious. Oak, vanilla and sweet.
Body Velvety and firm.
Palate Full. Quite sweet. The sherry comes through, as does the peat. Round.
Finish Quite long, with some sweetness, peatiness and spice.

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