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Port Ellen

Region: Islay
District: South Shore

Port Ellen Distillery is the rarest of all the Islay distilleries. Alexander K. MacKay founded it in the middle 1820s. John Ramsay, who was a leading figure in the whisky industry, later acquired it. It was this man (Ramsay) who first recognized the benefits of exporting Scotland's whisky to the United States. Among his other credits were research efforts in developing the spirit safe and his assistance to Aeneas Coffey and Robert Stein with their experiments which led to the invention of the Coffey, or Patent, Still which would give rise to the production of grain whisky and ultimately the predominance of the Scotch blended whiskies in the world markets. The distillery was rebuilt in 1967, and doubled in size to four stills. Sadly, the distillery ceased production in 1983, but its modern malting facilities now serve other Islay distilleries on Islay. The Port Ellen is still available through independent bottlers such as Cadenhead, Signatory, Whyte and Whyte and others.

15 year old, Cadenhead 198

Proof 124.6
Color Pale gold.
Nose Medicinal with the briny seashore in concert.
Body Medium to full.
Palate Plenty of iodine at the beginning followed with salt, peat and brine. A classic Islay if ever there was one.
Finish Long and tends to mellow with a surprising complexity near the end.

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