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Littlemill Distillery

Region: Lowlands
District: Western

Littlemill may be the oldest distillery in Scotland. It is possible that whisky has been distilled, at least on the site where Littlemill Distillery now sits, since the fourteenth century. Any whisky production at this time, however, was most likely a convenient off-shoot of the brewery that was in operation on the premises at that time. Records show that houses were built for excise officers in 1772 which would date whisky production activity at least to that date. An annual production of 20,000 gallons was recorded in 1821 when the very first Government survey of whisky production was conducted. The distillery is quite ideally located at the foot of the Kilpatrick Hills between road A82 and the Clyde River between Glasgow and Dumbarton.

17 year old

Proof 86
Color Light amber.
Nose Light with hints of fruit and vanilla.
Body Medium with more viscosity than the eight year-old version of this malt.
Palate Sweetish with cereal and spicy notes.
Finish Medium in length with faint notes of honey-like sweetness near the end.

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