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Region: Islay
District: South Shore

The Laphroaig single malt is perhaps the most well-known of all the Islay whiskies. It has been said that one either loves or hates this most distinctive spirit with the first taste. The distillery is located on the coast of Islay, about a mile from Port Ellen. It has always been, and probably always will remain, a most controversial single malt. Laphroaig Distillery was built in 1815 (or in the 1820s, depending on your source) and still owns its own peat moors and produces its own maltings. Its whisky maturation warehouses directly face the sea, which contributes to the very characterful whisky it produces. One's education on the single malts will remain incomplete until he has experienced Laphroaig. The 15 year-old can easily be disassociated from its younger brother. It is greatly refined. It is everything that the 10 year-old is, but without the rough edges, spirity nature and brashness.

10 year old

Proof 86
Color Gold
Nose Very peaty, medicinal, some sherry and seaweed.
Body Medium to full. Some oiliness.
Palate Full. With peat, seaweed, salt and some sweetness.
Finish Round and dry. The smoke remains awhile.

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