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Highland Park

Region: Highlands
District: Orkney

This distillery may have its roots as far back as 1795 and has one of the most colorful histories of them all. It was on this site that the preacher Magnus Eunson "subsidized" his profession by smuggling whisky. It was most common for a stock of his "commercial spirits" to be stored literally under his pulpit. One witness to his sermons stated that he "was accustomed to give out the psalms in a more unctuous manner when excise officers were in the church." The distillery is located on the island of Orkney, near Kirkwall, and has been proclaimed as "the greatest all-rounder in the world of malt whisky" by Michael Jackson. A typical bottling can combine the best elements of a classic Island and Highland malt.

12 year old

Proof 80
Color Amber
Nose Some peat, smoke, with heather, and a trace of sweetness.
Body Medium and smooth.
Palate Very well-balanced. A smooth richness that is most satisfying. Some spice, heather and honey. This is one that you will need to
Finish Quite long.

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