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Region: Highlands
District: Northern Highlands

Glenmorangie Distillery is located about one and a half miles north of Tain, where it was formerly established about 1842. It was originally a brewery in this location, that is said to have been the site of alcoholic production since the Middle Ages. Glenmorangie utilizes the tallest stills (almost 17 feet tall) in Scotland. The ten-year-old is aged exclusively in bourbon casks. All of Glenmorangie's production is bottled as a single malt, and it is the most popular single malt in Scotland. It commands respect from serious single malt connoisseurs everywhere. Glenmorangie has recently bottled some of its traditional 10-year-olds after "finishing", or aging, it for an additional two years in port, Madeira and sherry casks.

10 year old

Proof 80
Color Pale gold.
Nose Fresh, clean, sweet, spicy, nutty, with flowers and a hint of peat, smoke, vanilla.
Body Light to medium.
Palate Some sweetness, floral notes and spiciness. Creamy, with maltiness.
Finish Long and lingering.

12 year old, Madeira Wood Finish

Proof 86
Color Bright amber.
Nose Quite complex. Some sweetness, wood and pepper. A couple drops of water brings out some toffee, mint, citrus and Madeira.
Body Medium to full. smooth.
Palate Some fruit, spice and citrus. Some sweetness, but giving way to dryness. Tangy? Unless one is expecting it, the Madeira may not
Finish Long and lingering.

12 year old, Port Wood Finish

Proof 86
Color Deep gold or amber.
Nose Medium body. Some butterscotch, chocolate, vanilla and light mint.
Body Medium to full and smooth.
Palate Complex, with sweetness and dryness. Spicy, with chocolate and minty undertones.
Finish Long and lingering. The port is finally revealed.

12 year old, Sherry Wood Finish

Proof 86
Color Dark amber.
Nose Full, with sherry and honey. Some citrus and nuts.
Body Full and creamy.
Palate Some sweetness in the beginning. The sherry and nuts are obvious. Engulfs the palate.
Finish Long and lingering. Warming.

18 year old

Proof 86
Color Deep golden amber.
Nose Full. Perfumed, with nuts, caramel and vanilla. Hints of floral, honey, sweetness and mint.
Body Medium and smooth.
Palate Smooth, round, medium-dry, with some sherry, sweetness, spice and maltiness.
Finish Long and lingering. Quite intense.

25 year old

Proof 86
Color Light or pale gold.
Nose Full and rich. A trace of light fruit and wood.
Body Medium, smooth and round.
Palate Full and rich. Not overpowering. Complex and aromatic, with spice.
Finish Long and lingering. Quite intense. Aromatic.

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