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Region: Highlands
District: Speyside

Glenfiddich may be the best known single malt in the world, though Glenlivet will argue the point. It maintains about a 30% world market share for malt whisky. The "early" and brave decision in 1963 to aggressively market its whisky worldwide as a single malt was unprecedented. Glenfiddich Distillery was founded in 1886-87 and is still owned by the original founding family. The whisky is considered to be light, uncomplicated and smooth, which appeals to the average palate. The serious single malt connoisseur may find it somewhat boring, but it makes an excellent beginner's malt. Contrary to most single malts, Glenffidich carries no age statement; it is thought to be bottled at 8 years of age, however. The casks used to mature the Glenfiddich are chiefly plain oak, with about 10% being sherry casks. Glenfiddich made the marketing of whisky an art form. It was the first to introduce the triangular bottle--in 1957. It was the first to use cardboard tubes and gift tins and customize its advertising to specific international markets. Such marketing adventures have paid off for the Glenfiddich.


Proof 80
Color Very pale - almost clear.
Nose Light, fruity and some sweetness. Light peat.
Body Light, fresh and smooth.
Palate Dry, with a hint of smoke and malt. Some fruit also comes through.
Finish Medium in length and intensity.

15 year old, Cask Strength

Proof 102
Color Light amber.
Nose Fruity, with some sweetness. Light peat. Some floral notes.
Body Full, fresh and smooth. Some oiliness.
Palate Sweet, with a hint of smoke and malt. Some fruit also comes through. Full. Superb.
Finish Long. Intense. Sweet. Mouth-coating oiliness.

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