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Region: Highlands
District: Eastern

Originally a flax mill, this facility became Glenesk Distillery in 1897. It also served as a grain distillery from the 1940s until sometime in the 1960s. The original name of this distillery was 'Highland Esk'. One can still see its name spelled Glen Esk, from time to time. This single malt is quite difficult to obtain. In fact, in ten trips to Scotland over the past three years, I have been unable to locate an "official" bottling for my collection. This "Connoisseurs Choice" private bottling represents the distillery's reputation quite well, however.

13 year old

Proof 80
Color Pale gold.
Nose Dry and light, with flowery notes and some sweetness.
Body Medium, but soft.
Palate Some sweetness, soft, with traces of maltiness and some fruity tones.
Finish Clean, with medium length. With patience, this malt will yield more character than is first suggested. Clean, malty and dry.

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