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Region: Highlands
District: Speyside

Glendronach Distillery is located about five miles northeast of Huntly. Up until 1993, it produced two versions of its excellent malt. A sherry cask matured version, as well as a bottling that was matured in a combination of sherry, bourbon and plain oak casks. The latter was referred to as "Original" while the other version had the statement, "matured in sherry casks", on the label. In both bottlings, the Glendronach malt is rich and sweet, with malt coming through. Currently available is the "Original" and the "Traditional" bottlings, as well as an 18-year-old. The Glendronach makes a significant contribution to the popular, teacher's blended whisky that may contain up to 60 percent single malts, which is very high. One can still find, on occasion, a bottle of the sherry-matured Glendronach on the store shelves--but not for long. The just-released, and much anticipated, fifteen-year-old, all sherry cask matured Glendronach will be well received by the lover of sherry cask matured malts. Its amber, deep golden color seems to have imprisoned a Scotland late winter evening sunset. It is encouraging to see yet another industry response to the Scotch single malt connoisseur's desire.

12 year old, Original

Proof 86
Color Golden
Nose Medium-dry, with some sherry and malt. Some hint of smoke.
Body Medium and smooth.
Palate Dry and malty, with faint sherry. Some hint of smoke, peat. Full and clean.
Finish Full, but clean, with fruitiness. Clean and lingering. Some perfume and spice.

12 year old, Traditional

Proof 86
Color Amber
Nose Dry, with some sherry, malt and honey notes.
Body Medium to full, and smooth.
Palate Rich, smooth and obvious sherry. Some wood and peat.
Finish Long, with spice and some smoke at the end.

15 year old

Proof 80
Color Red; reddish-gold.
Nose Full. Lot of sherry with some spice and smoke.
Body Full, round and smooth with oak and vanilla.
Palate Sherry with some peat.
Finish Lots of sherry. Long and lingering.

18 year old

Proof 86
Color Dark amber.
Nose Medium-dry, with lots of sherry. Hint of smoke.
Body Medium and smooth.
Palate Dry and malty, with sherry. Burnt toffee and oakiness.
Finish Full, but clean. Warming, with toffee.

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