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Region: Highlands
District: Midland

To visit the Edradour distillery is to take a trip back in time when the "farm distillery co-operatives" were common. Edradour is the last such distillery in operation and dates back about 160 years. Besides being Scotland's smallest distillery, many claim it to be the prettiest. Only three people run the entire operation at Edradour, whose annual total production equals about a week's production of most Speyside distilleries. In a normal week, Edradour will produce only 600 gallons and its total single malt production is only 2000 cases a year. Edradour's stills are the smallest permitted by law and, other than the reluctant conversion to electric power in 1947, the distllery is nearly the same as it was in 1835, when it was founded. Enjoy the product of this most unique and proud "institution", because it is indeed a rare treat.

10 year old

Proof 80
Color Rich gold.
Nose Light. Some sherry, fruit and spice.
Body Medium, smooth.
Palate Slightly sweet, malty, sherry and clean.
Finish Mellow, warm and some spice.

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