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Deanston Distillery

Region: Highlands
District: Midlands

Deanston Distillery was established in 1965-66. It occupies facilities, however, that date back to 1785 which were utilized as textile mills until the early 1960s. It is located about two miles from the town of Doune, home of the Doune Castle ruins which is where the film "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" was filmed. The conversion of "Deanston Mill" to a whisky distillery was a practical decision. The original facilities were designed by Richard Arkwright (1732-92), inventor of the "Spinning Jenny" and who was recognized as one of the "Fathers of the Industrial Revolution." Its "natural air conditioning" and excellent water supply from the Teith River, upon who's South banks it resides, is a perfect setting for the production of excellent whisky. Only unpeated malt is used in the production of Deanston single malt. Any peat that the palate might detect will come from the water supply that contains all of the necessary peat needed according to Deanston officials.

12 year old

Proof 80
Color Pale, straw-like.
Nose Aromatic, with cereal notes. Slight sweetness.
Body Medium and smooth.
Palate Some sweetness, malt, cereals and hint of sherry.
Finish Medium in length with a hint of sweetness.

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