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Dallas Dhu Distillery

Region: Highlands
District: Speyside

Dallas Dhu was founded in 1899, and gets its name from the Gaelic term "Dalais Dubh" which means, "black water valley." It is now a museum and is under control of Scotland's Historic Buildings and Monument Directorate. It is a worthwhile stop for those on the way to visit nearby Dallas, Scotland, as it is an excellent example of a small, two-stilled Highland distillery at the beginning of the twentieth century. It was closed from mid 1939 until 1947 after a fire destroyed the stillhouse. It closed permanently (apparently) in 1983, and its license was cancelled in 1992. Its much sought-after single malt is still available from private bottlers, but the supplies are dwindling.

10 year old

Proof 80
Color Medium amber.
Nose Full with peat and slight sweetness.
Body Medium.
Palate Medium dry, malty and a hint of peat.
Finish Medium in length with a bit of smoke.

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