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Convalmore Distillery

Region: Highlands
District: Speyside

Convalmore Distillery was founded in 1894. Its name, as well as the water source, comes from the nearby Conval hills located just north of Dufftown. Much of the distillery was destroyed by fire in 1909. During reconstruction, a continuous, or patent still, with the capability of distilling 500 gallons of wash an hour was installed. This experiment turned out to be just that when it was discovered that this process, which worked very well with the grain distilleries, produced malt spirit that failed to mature properly. The patent stills were replaced with the tried and proven pot stills in 1915. Production capacity was extended in 1964 with the installation of two additional stills now giving it a total of four. Convalmore single malt is available only from independent bottlers. The distillery was acquired by United Distillers in 1985 and closed. It now serves as a warehouse for Grant's.

Gordon and MacPhai bottling

Proof 80
Color Rich gold
Nose Sweetish with cereal notes.
Body Medium to full.
Palate Full-bodied. Some sweetness with grain and spice.
Finish Medium in length with some peat and spice.

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