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Clynelish Distillery

Region: Highlands
District: Northern

Founded in 1819, Clynelish Distillery was given the name "Brora" in 1969. A new distillery was also built across the road by the same owners in 1967 and was also given the name Clynelish. (It can, perhaps, get a wee bit confusing at this point for some of us). It seems, according to most of the literature, that after the "new Clynelish" was completed in 1968, the "old Clynelish" was returned to production in 1969, operating mainly out of the original but rebuilt mash-house. In 1975, the "old Clynelish" was reopened under the name "Brora" but was, again, closed in 1983. So, in effect, the Brora one obtains could be whisky that was produced in the "old Clynelish" Distillery (here we go again) between 1975 and 1983. However, the Clynelish that we get could be whisky that was distilled in the "old Clynelish" Distillery before 1969 or after 1969 in the "new Clynelish." In spite of the historical confusion, the Clynelish and Brora single malts are well worth the "intellectual confusion." Depending on which bottling one samples, the tasting results can be dramatically different. Some of the independent bottlings by Cadenhead and the Rare Malts names are a special treat. The following descriptions are from an independent Rare Malts bottling of a Brora single malt and also an official Clynelish bottling of a Clynelish single malt.

14 year old, Official Bottling

Proof 86
Color Light gold.
Nose A hint of the sea with some peat.
Body Medium with obvious oiliness.
Palate Cereal notes with spice, fruit and a trace of salt.
Finish Long and lingering with malt and spice. Perhaps a hint of salt.

22 year old, Brora Single Malt (Rare Malt Bottling)

Proof 117.4
Color Medium Amber.
Nose Full with heavy peat and smoke.
Body Full.
Palate Full with some sweetness. Rich with obvious peat and a hint of spice.
Finish Very lengthy with spice and a sooty, burned peat character.

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