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Region: Highlands
District: Speyside

Caperdonich was originally built as, and known by, the Glen Grant Number 2. It was founded in 1898, but was closed in 1902 due to the liquor industry recession. It remained closed until 1965 when it was rebuilt and named Caperdonich. It was expanded from two to four stills in 1967. The purpose of Caperdonich was to supplement Glen Grant located directly across the narrow Rothes Main Street. In fact, the distilleries were joined by a pipe for the purpose of mixing their malts. Their production processes are nearly identical and they share the same water source, the Caperdonich Well. Some connoisseurs, who have compared the two single malts, believe the Caperdonich to be a bit more fruity and smoky than the Glen Grant. You be your own judge.

Gordon & MacPhail bottling

Proof 80
Color Light gold.
Nose Sweet and fruity with a trace of spice.
Body Medium.
Palate Sweet and spicy.
Finish Brief with a hint of fruit.

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