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Region: Islay
District: North Shore

Bunnahabhain (pronounced boon-a-hav-un) is sometimes referred to as "the Islay whisky without the Islay character." The abnormally light (for an Islay) whisky owes its character to the fact that the spring water is drawn before it runs "over and through" the well-known Islay malt. This quality is further enhanced by the distillery practice of taking only a very narrow cut from the second distillation. The distinctive oiliness of the Bunnahabhain malt is due to the short-necked stills utilized. It could be accurately said that Bunnahabhain was created from the geography upon which it resides. The entire area was very remote and desolate. Its founders quarried the stone for the buildings, constructed a road over a mile long and built a pier. From these beginnings the community, school and village hall grew up and around it. A most interesting story, indeed.

12 year old

Proof 80
Color Light golden
Nose Light and flowery. A hit of the sea is also present.
Body Light to medium, with some oiliness
Palate Smooth, with some sweetness and malt.
Finish Medium in length and full. Some oiliness is present.

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