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Region: Islay
District: Loch Indaal

Bruichladdich Distillery was constructed in 1881 and was closed, unfortunately, at the beginning of 1995. It is an excellent introduction of an Islay malt to the novice due to the fact that it is a lighter and less peaty malt than one would normally expect of an Islay malt. The long-necked stills, spring water that is not exposed to so much peat in route to the distillery and the protection of its maturation facilities from the prevailing ocean breezes by the Rhinns of Islay Hills may account for some of the "abnormal" characteristics of this excellent Islay reprentative. Bruichladdich (pronounced Brew-ick-laddie) was one of the first to use concrete, which had only recently been granted a patent, in its construction. It was always an interesting distillery to visit because of the exceptionally old equipment, including an "ancient" rivited (as opposed to welded) still that was utilized and the traditional distilling techniques that were still in practice. With the recent increased interest in the single malt, it is most unfortunate that we may not have the pleasure of seeing this distillery in action.

10 year old

Proof 80
Color Light golden
Nose Abundantly floral, with some peat, salt and seaweed.
Body Medium and smooth.
Palate Assertive. Full, and more complex than one might expect. Some smoke and peat, with light oiliness present.
Finish Quite long, with all of the above adjectives having a part.

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