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Blair Athol

Region: Highlands
District: Midland

Blair Athol Distillery was originally founded about 1798. The present distillery, which is located near Pitlochry, off Highway A9, about eleven miles south of the town of Blair Atholl (spelled with two l's), was established in 1826. Closed shortly thereafter in 1832, with extensive reconstruction in the interim, it did not commence production again until 1949. It doubled its production capacity to four stills in 1973. The entire area around Pitlochry was once a thriving whisky production center of activity with over thirty distilleries in production at one time. The water quality of Allt Dour Burn has a great reputation for quality that was publically praised by none other than Alfred Barnard in 1887 in his book "The Whisky Distilleries of the United Kingdom." Blair Athol is an excellent stop for the tourist. It has an excellent Visitors Center with a very educational media program that is part of the educational tour provided visitors.

12 year old

Proof 86
Color Light amber
Nose Medium to full. Fresh, or sharp, with some light smokiness.
Body Medium to full.
Palate Smooth, with some sweetness, spice and smoky notes.
Finish Medium in length, with some smoke, slight sweetness and spice.

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