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Ben Nevis

Region: Highlands
District: Western

Ben Nevis Distillery is located about two miles north of Ft. William at the foot of the tallest mountain in Scotland. Ben Nevis Mountain stands 4,409 feet tall and from its summit one can view every mountain peak in the Western Highlands. It was founded in 1825 by "Long John" MacDonald, a well-known individual in the whisky industry at that time. Like many distilleries, it has had a very "erratic" history. One owner, a Canadian who had benefited financially during U.S. Prohibition with his illegal activities, operated an "American style" cattle ranch, complete with Stetson, spurs and chap-wearing cowboys. The distillery is now owned by Nikka of Japan and its whisky is becoming more widely available.

21 year old

Proof 111.2
Color Full amber
Nose Some sweetness and peat.
Body Full.
Palate Full and rich. Lots of malt and peat. A trace of sweetness and wood.
Finish Quite long, with some peat, smoke and spice.

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