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Region: Highlands
District: Northern

The original Balblair Distillery was built in 1790 and claims to be the second oldest distillery in Scotland. It is located about five or six miles from Tain on the southern shores of Dornoch Firth. Many illicit distilling activities were conducted in this location forty or so years prior to Balblair's founding. The more than ample supply of choice "young" peat and excellent water supplies made the area ideal for smuggling (and Balblair) operations. In fact, the nearby village of Edderton is known as the "Parish of Peat." All of these factors contribute to the fast-maturing Balblair single malt.

5 year old

Proof 80
Color Light straw
Nose Aromatic. Sharp, with some sweetness and peat.
Body Light to medium.
Palate Some sweetness, peat and spice.
Finish Medium in length. Very light.

10 year old

Proof 80
Color Light amber
Nose A fruity aroma. Some sweetness and nuts.
Body Medium.
Palate Fruity. Some sweetness and light peat.
Finish Longer than the five-year-old. Some sweetness, becoming dry at the end.

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