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Region: Highlands
District: Speyside

Aultmore (meaning "big burn" in Gaelic) gets its name from a nearby stream. It was built in 1896 by Alexander Edward, who also owned Benrinnes. It is located about two miles north of Keith and gets its water from the peaty springs of the Foggie Moss. Only a very small amount of the Aultmore is bottled as a single malt. Aultmore was purchased in 1923 by John Dewar. In the early fifties, Aultmore and Imperial Distillery did the pioneering experiments that would lead to utilizing most of the distillery waste matter (pot ale and draff) for protein-rich animal feed. This practice is now industry-wide and makes the production Scotch Single Malt Whisky one of the most ecologically sound industries in existence.

12 year old

Proof 86
Color Pale gold
Nose Rich, fresh aroma with a hint of peat, sweetness and mash.
Body Medium to firm.
Palate Mellow and well-balanced. Some light fruitiness.
Finish Long. Smooth, warming and quite dry.

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