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Region: Islay
District: South Shore

The Ardbeg single malt comes by its reputation as "the most traditional" of the island malts very honestly. There were no fans in the pergodas on the roofs of the malting houses. The peat smoke was thus "trapped" in the houses, exposing the malt to the smoke for extended times. Even though the distillery no longer does its own maltings, the specifications for its malt is still, apparently, heavy peat. Ardbeg is located on the south coast of Islay. A family by the name of McDougall was known to have lived in the area as early as 1798. One of them started a legal distillery around 1815-17. In spite of its reputation, the Ardbeg is much sought after by the single malt connoisseur and is the "ultimate digestiff" after Texas bar-b-que or Mexican food.

10 year old

Proof 80
Color Light gold.
Nose Peaty and dry. Plenty of smoke, with some salt and iodine.
Body Full.
Palate Rich, with some peat, smoke and slight sweetness.
Finish Long, with some iodine and smoke.

18 year old, Cadenhead

Proof 116
Color Light gold.
Nose Peaty, with some pungency. A trace of sweetness.
Body Full.
Palate Rich. Some malt, salt and the sweetness comes through.
Finish Long, with some salt.

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