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Region: Highlands
District: Speyside

Many of Scotland's distilleries have stories of varying degrees of interest relating to their history. Aberlour officials will readily point out that in 960 A.D., St. Dunstan conducted his Baptismals in the spring of water that is now used for whisky production by their distillery. Judge for yourself as to the relevance, or contribution, that this information or act in history has on the single malt you will taste. Aberlour Distillery was founded in 1879 on the site of an earlier distillery built in 1826. It produces a full-bodied malt that is quite complex and spicy, with a classic bouquet in the nose. It is the only malt whisky to have won twice (1986 and 1990) both the Gold Medal and Pot Still Trophy at the International Wine and Spirit Competition.

10 year old

Proof 86
Color Amber
Nose Full, spicy, classic bouquet with some sweetness.
Body Full, smooth.
Palate Round. Full flavor development that is long-lasting, with a malty sweetness and some spice and fruit. Well-balanced.
Finish Long, smooth and continues to give.

15 year old

Proof 86
Color Medium golden, bronze-like amber.
Nose Assertive. Cereal notes with some smoke and citrus undertones. Quite complex.
Body Full and rich.
Palate Very full, rich and tantalizing in flavor development. Sherry sweetness, cereal grain, malt, and a fruitiness are readily evide
Finish Very rich, long and lingering. Some smoke is evident near the end.

18 year old

Proof 86
Color Deep, bronze-like, brownish amber.
Nose Obvious overtones of sherry, wood and smoke.
Body null
Palate Complex. A fruity, honeyed-sherry beginning gives way to a finish of smoke, sherry and wood.
Finish Sherry sweetness with woody and peat notes.

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