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Scotch Tasting Descriptors

The following are Scotch Single Malt Whisky "tasting descriptors" compiled over the last few years.  I am continually looking for additional adjectives that may help the Scotch single malt enthusiast identify the various constituents that he/she may be sensing in this complex spirit.  A perfumery in Paris, France once identified twenty-eight different aromas in one Scotch single malt. Many of these individual descriptors are obviously a combination of several of the thirty-two known basic individual aromas. There are many other aromas that are not on this list. Please inform me of any that you think should be added.

Color | Nose | Palate | Body | Finish | Length of Finish

Amber, Dark Gold Gold, Greeny Mahogany-Like Wine, White
Amber, Light Gold, Bright Gold, Light Pale, Very Yellow, Pale
Amber, Medium Gold, Dark Gold, Reddish Pale Straw  
Bronze Gold, Full Golden Brown Reddish-Brown  

Almonds Dates Incense Peat Shortbread
Aniseed Deep Iodine Pepper Slatey
Apples Diesel Oil Lavender Pepper, Sweet Smoky
Apricots Dry Leather Perfumy Soap
Assertive Emphatic Linen Phenolic Solvents
Beeswax Estery Linseed Pine Sour
Bones, Ground Eucalyptus Malty Pineapple Spice
Brine Figs Medicinal Plums Spirity
Burning Fireworks, Spent Mint Powerful Sulphur
Candles, Scented Fruit Molasses Pungent Sweet
Carnations Fruitcake Mossy Resinous Tar
Cedar Fudge Musty Roses Thyme
Cereal Grain Ginger Nectarine Rubber Tropical Fruit
Citrus Grass Oak Rum Turpentine
Clean Grass, Cut Oily Sandalwood Waxy
Complex Hay Orange Scorched Wine
Cream Hay, New Mown Orange-Honey Sea Air Zesty
Creosote Heather Oriental Seaweed  
Currant Hemp Rope Paraffin Sharp  
Custard Pudding Honey Pear Sherry  
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Abrasive Cherries Fruit Nutmeg Seaweed
Alive Chocolate Full Nutty Silage
Aniseed Cinnamon Gentle Oily Slow-Developing
Assertive Citrus Grass Olive Spicy
Balanced Clean Hazelnut Orange Sweet
Bamboo Shoots Clinging Herbs Peaches Syrupy
Bananas Clover Incohesive Pear Tangerine
Barley Cloves Intense Peat Tangy
Barley Sugar Coconut Iron Peppery Tart
Berries Complex Leafy Powerful Thin
Biscuits Cookie-Like Licorice Pungent Toffee
Bitter Currant Long Quinine Unobtrusive
Bland Delicate Malty Raisins Vanilla
Brambles Earthy Marshmallows Raspberries Walnuts
Butterscotch Elder Flower Marzipan Refreshing Weak
Buttery Expressive Mean Rich Well-Balanced
Caramel Fino Sherry Melon Rooty Woody
Caressing Fishy Mint Round Zesty
Cedar Flowery Moody Salty  
Cereal Grains Fresh Mustard Sappy  
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Big Fleshy Mouth-Coating Silky Texture, Light
Crisp Full Oak Smooth Texture, Medium


Light Oily Soft Velvet
Firm Medium Round Texture, Heavy Viscose
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Finish Length of Finish
Abrupt Drying Oily Short 1 minute
Anchovies Emphatic Olive Smooth 1:15
Appetizing Expressive Orange Zest Soft 1:30
Aromatic Firm Peaty Soothing 1:45
Astringent Fruit, Fruity Peppery Sweet 2:00
Attacking Ginger Perfumy Syrupy 2:15
Big Hefty Pleasant Tart 2:30
Biting Herbal Quick Tingling 2:45
Bitter Intense Rangy Vanilla 3:00
Cedar Iodine Relaxing Violets 3:15
Chewy Lingering Restrained Warm 3:30
Cigar-Box Lively Robust Well-Defined 3:45
Clean Long Rootiness   4:00
Cloves Malty Round   4:15
Crescendo-Like Mustard Salty   4:30
Crisp Oaky Sappy   4:45
Delicate Oatmeal Savory   5:00
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