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This unique video produced by "The Scotch Doc" that will answer just about all of your most often asked questions concerning the increasingly popular Scotch single malt. This one hour and twenty-one minute video tape entitled, "The Scotch Doc Presents Scotch Single Malt Whisky: The Taste, History and Mystique," includes an actual seminar and tasting of eight Scotch single malts with a "class" of thirty tasters. In addition to learning how the great Scotch single malt is created and appreciated, you will vicariously experience the inimitable "Scotch Doc style" as he recites whisky related "poetry" and involves the seminar participants in his hilarious sing-along of "The Scotsman." Never have so many people enjoyed (publicly, at least) discovering the answer to the age-old question of "What's worn under the kilt?"

The video also provides a very personal introduction to the diverse, complex and entertaining Dr. David "The Scotch Doc" McCoy. You will join him in his home as you "belly up" to one of the best-stocked Scotch single malt bars in the universe. About two hundred and fifty "open" single malts in this "McCoy's Mecca of Malts" will instantly cast you into fantasy land. It should be stated that the open bottles in his bar are NOT included among the well-known collection of about 650 "sealed" full-sized bottles, with representatives from 127 different Scotland Single Malt Distilleries. You will also see one of the best preserved, and extremely rare, Revolutionary Officers' Whiskey Cabinets (circa 1730-50) complete with the original twelve hand-blown decanters and accessories. Other artifacts in this most unique den include four original moonshine whiskey stills; an extensive collection of "Whiskey Prescription Forms" (required by law from 1920 to 1933 to be completed and signed by doctors and patients) with matching "Treasury Department U.S. Internal Revenue Prescription Blank National Prohibition Act Forms" (completed and signed by pharmacists and patients); 150 antique German beer steins; an early 1800s combination "foot and dram warmer;" and other relics related to the subject of alcoholic beverages. It is a most interesting den in which to appreciate history and contemplate the "Nectar of the Gods."

The cost of this video experience is $25 ($31 foreign) which includes shipment by Priority Mail within twenty-four hours of receipt of payment. Call (214) 360-9990.

The Scotch Doc Video


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