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Tasting GlassExclusive Scotch Doc Tasting Glasses

There is nothing dainty about the Scotch Doc Taster. It IS NOT a politically correct, walking around, glass-in-hand, socializing, whisky drankin mug.

This fifteen-ounce vessel is designed to present the full unique character nuances and subtleties of the Scotch Single Malt Whisky when analysis and maximum appreciation of the spirit is the gastronomical objective. Click for more details about the Scotch Doc Taster >>

Please note: The Credit Card Order Option is no longer available due to excessive credit card company price increases that I am unwilling to pass on to my clients. There is no increase in charges for the Scotch Doc Tasters that include shipment by Priority Mail.

To order glasses please fill out the order form and mail with payment by personal check, Cashier's Check or Money Order to:

Dr. David McCoy
137 East Old Forest Lane
Pearcy, AR 71964

(501) 545-6322

Scotch Doc video pictureThe Scotch Doc Video

This unique video produced by "The Scotch Doc" that will answer just about all of your most often asked questions concerning the increasingly popular Scotch Single Malt. This one hour and twenty-one minute video tape entitled, "The Scotch Doc Presents Scotch Single Malt Whisky: The Taste, History and Mystique," includes an actual seminar and tasting of eight Scotch single malts with a "class" of thirty tasters. In addition to learning how the great Scotch single malt is created and appreciated, you will vicariously experience the inimitable "Scotch Doc style" as he recites whisky related "poetry" and involves the seminar participants in his hilarious sing-along of "The Scotsman." Never have so many people enjoyed (publicly, at least) discovering the answer to the age-old question of "What's worn under the kilt?" Learn more about the Scotch Doc Video >>

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