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A Scotch Single Malt Whisky Tasting and SeminarGet Answers To The Questions:
Why is Scotch whisky made only in Scotland?
Why does Scotch whisky taste smoky?
Why are single malts more expensive?
Why do single malts differ in taste?
Is older whisky always better?
Does water really intensify the whisky flavor?
Why are single malts so popular now?
How long can single malts be stored?
Why do single malts vary in color?
What does "cask-strength" mean?

In his international effort to educate the masses, concerning the enjoyment and responsible consumption of the Scotch Single Malt Whisky, The Scotch Doc offers exciting and informative programs to the international community. The International Scotch Single Malt Whisky Institute adds to the internationally known program entitled, "Scotch Single Malt Whisky: The Taste, History and Mystique," with specialized follow-up tasting/seminars entitled, "The Faces and Facets of the Scotch Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Parts I and II." This program will have appeal to the Scotch single malt aficionado and novice, as well as hotel program administrators, recreation resorts, travel agencies and ocean cruise lines. Participants learn to fully enjoy and appreciate the most complex and culturally entwined spirit of them all. A conversion from "whisky drinkers" into "connoisseurs" is a certainty. They will learn how The Scotch Doc has transformed the consumption of alcohol into an "intellectual experience." A unique "malty-cultural" experience, indeed, is guaranteed for every participant. Learn more about the seminar options. >>

Seminars are perfect for:

Business Conventions -- A proven "attitude adjustment" and relaxing "kick-off" for your participants.

Corporate Retreats -- A great introductory method to informalize the "all business" psyche and promote corporate goodwill.

Sporting Event Initiations -- A fantastic way to "get acquainted" quickly and initiate the golf tournament, ski club, football weekends or ?

A "Ski and Scotch Week" or Weekend
-- A Scotch Single Malt Tasting prior to dinner each evening that features a different selection of malts.

A "Scotch Exploration Night" -- A Scotch Single Malt Tasting and discussion of special bottlings of Scotch Single Malt Whisky.

A "Scotch Single Malt Week" -- At your facility that features different Scotch single malts each night for five nights or every other night.

Private Parties and Small Groups -- An informal tasting of Scotch single malts for small groups or parties, at the location of your choice, hosted by The Scotch Doc.

For that "Someone Who Has Everything"
-- The private and individually designed tasting for the person "who has everything. Add friends as you like.

This website is intended for visitors of legal drinking age.

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