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The Scotch Doc displays his decanters

Dr. McCoy holds one of the quart decanters from which he will pour Scotch Single Malt Whisky at one of his most unique tastings.

Close up view of decanters

Close-up view of the one-quart and one-pint liquor decanters. Also shown is a small water pitcher, glass funnel, shot glass and wine glass.

Open liquor cabinet

The Revolutionary War officer's liquor cabinet, circa 1725.

A Dram of History

Presented by Dr. David "The Scotch Doc" McCoy

Do you really want to provide a unique and exciting, intellectual and educational experience for that special celebration or client? How about a "wee dram" served from a three hundred year-old, authentic, original, hand-blown crystal whiskey decanter that is still housed in its original Revolutionary War Officer’s Liquor Cabinet? Perhaps a drink from the same hand-decorated crystal decanter from which General George Washington and his officers used to warm their Valley Forge chilled bones? Or possibly the decanter from which General Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, General Grant or maybe President Lincoln poured themselves a dram? Interested?

The preceding unique experience is an entertaining and educational opportunity that is being offered by Eastfield College Professor, history buff and international Scotch Single Malt Whisky expert, Dr. David "The Scotch Doc" McCoy. The Revolutionary Officer’s Liquor Cabinet, shown here, is an exceptionally rare original liquor cabinet that was produced during the early to middle 1700s for the purpose of transporting the Revolutionary Officer’s personal liquor supplies. These cabinets proved so dependable that some of them were still in use by Civil War officers during the Civil War a century or so later. Dr. McCoy’s particular cabinet is considered to be one of the best-preserved, surviving, original examples of this cabinet – perhaps even more so than the Smithsonian specimen.

It is no secret that General Washington believed strongly, perhaps having taken notice of the Scottish fighting spirit, that whiskey was a useful "instrument of war." In fact, he proposed during the Revolutionary War that public distilleries be constructed throughout the states for the explicit purpose of supplying the troops with a daily ration of whiskey. He is quoted as stating that "the benefits arising from the moderate use of strong liquor have been experienced in all armies and are not to be disputed." George Washington knew his liquor, which is no surprise, since his Mount Vernon plantation manager, James Anderson, was a Scot. In fact, Anderson persuaded Washington to plant rye, for the purpose of making whiskey, in the three or four whiskey stills on the plantation for commercial purposes. It is reported that, upon his death, 150 gallons of whiskey were among the items listed in Washington’s estate.

Combining his interest in history, his extensive knowledge of Scotch Single Malt Whisky, (the "original" whisky), Dr. McCoy is providing this "special version" of his educational and entertaining seminar/tastings entitled, "Scotch Single Malt Whisky: The Taste, History and Mystique," to a limited number of clients. About eight different Scotch single malts, representing all of the official Scotland geographic whisky producing regions, will be tasted at these events. The highlight during these seminar/tastings will be when the fully-kilted "Scotch Doc" gingerly retrieves one of the delicate whiskey decanters, containing a worthy Scotch single malt, from the approximately 250 year-old Revolutionary Officer’s Liquor Cabinet. You can be sure that everyone will be at attention as he proceeds to pour (very carefully, mind you) each participant a dram from one of the approximately 250 year-old whiskey decanters. (Are you holding your breath already and perhaps lightly humming "Amazing Grace")? You should be.

What a fantastic, even patriotic, way to entertain those very special guests that will surely excite them as nothing else can do. The client will normally provide the location and security for the event. Dr. McCoy will provide everything else. Interested parties should contact The Scotch Doc.

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