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We are sitting together tonight in the fire glow,
Just you and I alone,
And the flickering light falls softly
On a beauty that's all your own.
It gleams where your round, smooth shoulder
From a graceful neck sweeps down;
And I would not exchange your beauty
For the best-dressed belle in town.

I have drawn the curtain closer,
And from my easy chair
I stretch my hands toward you,
Just to feel that you are there.
And your breath is laden with perfume,
As my thoughts around you twine,
And I feel my pulses beating
As your spirit is mingled with mine.

And the woes of this world have vanished
When I've pressed my lips to yours;
And to feel your life-blood flowing
To me is the best of cures.
You have given me inspiration
For many a soulful rhyme -
You're the finest old Scotch whisky
I've had for a long, long time.

Author Unknown

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