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Ah! Tha' Luv Fer' a Good Toast!

Yes! Yes! Ye’ can do it jest’ fine
If not, try use'n some of mine.

(As researched, authored, borrowed, edited, composed and offered by The Scotch Doc)

Ah, m’Lads and Lassies, with glass upraised in best intention,
Tis’ the words that ye’ll offer that imbues the aged dimension,
Of time-honored memorial phrases from the likes of Burns,
That’l enhance tha’ toast of the honored one, for what he yearns.

So for those of ye’ whose lips fail to interpret the inflamed heart,
Allow the Scotch Doc and Candid Celt – to provide you a start.
Then ye’ jest’ make rigid yer’ spine – an’ look-em’ in the eye,
And say what now comes – inspired from The Highlands Sigh.

The Scotch Doc

To my friends - ta’ one an’ all I’ll ever trust,
May tha’ hinges of friendship never squeak an’ rust,
Nor the wings of love lose a single feather,
An’ our memories of each be forever.

The Scotch Doc

To view her loveliness sis to love her,
And to love but her - forever;
For Nature so generously made her what she is,
To the extent that She can never make another.

The Scotch Doc


I offer this toast to tha’ lassies who haven’t a care,
But to fix their complexions and mess with their hair
But here’s to MY lassie – come stand near me for this,
Here’s in rich bold barley nectar – near sweet as your kiss,
Ah, me lassie! Drink deeply – there’s no fit words for this toast,
‘Cause I always say least when I’m thinkin’ tha’ most.

John McCurdy

Ah, it’s ta’ a group of good fellows, like these that er’ here,
And a bottle like this, that I heartily cheer.

Author Unknown

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