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John Muir – American Scotsman

I have read his stories, have felt the spirit of big John Muir.
I have shared his spirit that dwells along the Big Sur
That engulfs the forests, mountains and valley of Yosemite
It’s with him, in spirit, I took long walks, just him and me.

It’s due this great man that this Earthis now better built
This Scotsman that made a stand with the courage of the Celt.
He cursed the powerful ravagers of the mighty Redwood
As he courted the power of a President who with him stood.

His aura and legend was such that T. R. met him in the Sierra Nevada
And in long walks with John Muir, a President heard natures concerto.
As a result of this Yosemite-spawned and lasting friendship,
The National Parks Services was born; national parks would be built.

So when you take your family to a great American National Park
That refreshes the body, mends the spirit, ups the tempo of the heart-
Tell the story of John Muir to your children, your daughters and sons
A story of a simple man with the heart of a Celt, a true American Scotsman.

Dr. David McCoy - The Scotch Doc

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