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A Dram That's Right
(lyrics by The Scotch Doc)

Hey, here I am with my Scotch tonight

With a single malt, the dram that's right

Now I don't care about what y'all think

I'm ‘gonna stay right here and drink.

As I listen close now I can hear

Those bagpipes playing in my ear

Hey, take all my money in the bank

Give me my malt and let me drink.

After all these years it seems so right

Prov-ing the Scots so right tonight

They've made it best now for so long

A damn site better than this song.

(Music interlude - guitar)

So Bourbon County listen well

I now know better and I'm 'gonna tell

'Gonna tell the world your corn's all wrong

As "Auld Lang Syne" becomes your song.

Have I said too much, have I gone too far

Is my end at hand in this redneck bar

If this turns out to be the case

Have the bagpipes play "Amazing Grace."

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