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During the past few years, I have had numerous requests to organize a tour of Scotland. On one occasion, I did agree to escort a retired couple on a two-week tour of Scotland and found it to be an experience that I wanted to repeat - after I gained some more experience and knowledge of the country. In many subsequent Scottish excursions, I learned that the many details associated with a successful tour required an experienced professional to manage them. I then began giving serious thought to what I could contribute to a tour of Scotland that would be unique and special. It had to be fun, pleasant, relaxed, flexible and exciting for me or I would have no part of it.

Perhaps the most unique element of the trip is the experience and personal acquaintances that I have in Scotland that will enable us to have more than a drive with a talking face around Scotland. I expect that our groups will get to meet actual distillery managers and get to learn about the whisky making methods from the top man.

It is my sincere desire that these tours be vacations and an experience that you may want to repeat in the future as I change the tour itinerary. I have personally selected our host hotels for their character and pedigree. Each of them has a charm that would make you content with spending the entire trip on their estate. Our itinerary is designed to allow ample time for those who desire to simply relax. Some may choose to leave the group for some special interest pursuits. By spending three or four days at each hotel, this is a viable option for those who choose.

I also believe that my thirty-plus years as a professional photographer and a professor of photography may prove to be a useful, and possibly exciting, asset for the group. My Landscape Composition lectures and demonstrations will be made available to those who are interested. I expect everyone will be sending picture Christmas Cards next December. In fact, for those who desire, I will make this service available to you through McCoy's Photography of Dallas at my actual cost.

So, there you have it. The genuine "Real McCoy" of Scotland tours, with a kinsman, if not a native, at the helm. Scotland is a unique and very special part of my life now. I am a better person for getting back to my roots. I've never known the peace and tranquility that engulfs my very soul when I traverse some of the countryside as I strive to know her better. The people of this beautiful, charming, mystical and enchanting country simply amplify my feelings. To somewhat modify a well-known Will Rogers statement: "I've never met a Scot I didn't like." Join me on a trip to the land of my forefathers.


Please contact Dr. McCoy if you or your group would like more information about a custom tour of Scotland.

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