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The Bottled Malt Whiskies of Scotland by Donald Begg

Scotch Whisky by Colin Bell

The Essential Guide to Scotch Whisky by Michael Brander

Scotch Whisky by Michael Brander

The Whisky Trails by Gordon Brown

A Taste of Scotch by Derek Cooper

The Century Companion to Whiskies by Derek Cooper

The Little Book of Malt Whiskies by Derek Cooper

A Wee Dram by David Daiches

Let's Collect Scotch Whisky by David Daiches

Scotch Whisky: Its Past and Present by David Daiches

The Spirit of Whisky
by Richard Grindal

Whisky and Scotland by Neil Gunn

Appreciating Whisky by Phillip Hills

Malt Whisky Companion by Michael Jackson

The World Guide to Whisky by Michael Jackson

Enjoying Scotch by Johnston and Bacon

Scotch: The Whisky of Scotland by Robert Lockhart

Scotch: The Whisky of Scotland in Fact and Story by Sir Robert Bruce Lockhart

The Malt Whisky File by John Lamond and Robin Tucek

Whisky by Aeneas MacDonald

Scotch Whisky: Colin Bell's Famous Drambuster's Guide by John MacKay

The Scotch Whisky Drinker's Companion by Albert Mackie

Pocket Whisky Book by Charles MacLean

500 Years of Scotch Whisky by Robert McCall

The Whiskies of Scotland by R. J. S. McDowall

Malt Whisky Almanac by Wallace Milroy

The Schweppe's Guide to Scotch by Phillip Morrice

The Making of Scotch Whisky: A History by Michael Moss and John Hume

Scotch Whisky
by Michael Moss

The World Whisky Guide by Jim Murray

Campbeltown's Distilleries by Normon Newton

Enjoying Scotch by Pattullo and Cooper

A Dram Like This by Alan Reeve-Jones

Scotch Whisky: A Guide by J. Marshall Robb

Whisky by James Ross

Notes on a Cellar-Book by George Saintsbury

Scotch Whisky: Questions and Answers by Scotch Whisky Association

The Story of Scotch Whisky by Scotch Whisky Heritage Center

The Scotch Whisky Book
by Mark Skipworth

Scotland's Malt Whiskies by John Wilson

Scotland's Distilleries by John Wilson

Scotch and Water by Neil Wilson

The Formative Years by Ross Wilson

Scotch Made Easy by Ross Wilson

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