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Dr. David L. McCoy - Twentieth Century
Renaissance Man and “Real McCoy” 

“You can take the boy out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the boy.” 

David Lee McCoy, “redneck Riverbottom Okie” to college professor phenomenon, has indeed lived a full, diverse, colorful, rich and rewarding life.  He is a proud, proven and  living example of this claim.  Read on. 

Dr. McCoy is very proud of his rural Southeastern Oklahoma, simple, “Little Appalachia redneck” farm boy roots. “Most of it, at least,” he will add. The eldest of six children, born to sixteen and seventeen year-old teenage parents, Dr. McCoy learned the requirement and value of individual responsibility, a strong work ethic, teamwork and an appreciation of the simple things in life.  Plowing with a mule-drawn plow, picking cotton and hoeing corn -- up and down endless rows of growing cotton and corn; bailing hay; capturing and selling wild hogs; cutting logs; breaking horses; “bucking” slabs for rural sawmills; picking peaches; cutting and hauling pulpwood; cutting and skidding logs; raising hogs; stealing water melons  and flunking the eighth grade, provided a humble, but rich, beginning for a future professor, world traveller and diverse scholar. He was the only one of his two brothers and three sisters to graduate from high school. The stories of his youthful illicit activities in the “whiskey business” are true. As an eight year-old sitting astride six cases of half-gallon jars of “hootch” in the rumble seat of a 1938 Ford Coupe, he served as a “lookout” for his occasional moonshine-running dad as they delivered Uncle Cotton’s “corn-squeezings” across the Oklahoma/Arkansas state line to waiting bootleggers. It was, perhaps, the “peripheral vision” and quick reflexes developed at this time that would later contribute to his earning a full college basketball scholarship. But now to the present.

In addition to his Scotland-related studies and “Scotch Doc” exploits, Dr. David McCoy engages in numerous other diverse activities, interests and hobbies. The Doctorate of Education Degree is “well earned” as he admits to being a perpetual “student of life” and having “traversed many of its trails.” This academic energy has earned him additional degrees in Social Studies, History, Photojournalism, Education Administration and Educational Technology.  He has been a full-time Professor at Eastfield College of The Dallas County Community College District for twenty-nine years and is Chairman of the Photography Department. He is an accomplished landscape, portrait and social events photographer and is the proprietor of McCoy’s Photography of Dallas. Indeed, his studio was named “The Best in Dallas County” by the 1999, sixth edition of Dallas/Fort Worth Weddings: The Coopwood & Fields Consumer Planning Guide.  His hobbies include computer technology studies; history studies; writing poetry, letters and social critiques; collecting coins, antique cameras, quality leather-bound books, and prohibition era memoribalia; and entertaining guests and clients with his colorful poems and country music singing. His collection of Scotch Single Malt Whisky is, perhaps, the largest, most comprehensive collection (about 900 sealed bottles) in the United States. He is especially proud that he is able to use his reputation and knowledge of the Scotch single malt for worthy causes.  He donates his services and rare bottlings of Scotch Single Malt Whisky to several fund raising causes every year.

Dr. McCoy has gained a reputation as quite the “party animal” for his contributions to private parties and various other social functions. Party-goers in Paris, France; Republican Party Convention attendees aboard a private “hospitality yacht” in San Diego; fishermen at General Norman Schwarzkopf’s Invitational Fishing Tournament in Florida; business executives from all over North America at Disney World’s Living Seas Lounge; some of Scotland’s finest hotels; and Loch Lomond Golf Club members in Santa Fe, New Mexico, have now experienced the kilted Scotch Doc’s very unique “malty-cultural,” gastronomic extravaganza. As the kilted “Scotch Doc,” he contributes a distinguished, unique, interesting and entertaining element to social gatherings. Dr. McCoy adds another dimension to a party as he mixes and mingles with the guests and responds to questions pertaining to Scottish history and culture, the Scotch Single Malt Whisky and his colorful and rich background.  He is often referred to as a “twentieth century Renaissance man.” He most assuredly is “The Real McCoy.”

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