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The Scotch Doc with his personal Quaich.

The elegant setting was The Grand Hall of Scotland's ancient Blair Castle with roots as far back as 1263. It was in this historic castle on April 27, 1998, that Dr. David L. McCoy, now better known around the world as "The Scotch Doc," was inducted into, perhaps, the most prestigious and honored institution in the international Scotch whisky industry -- The Keepers of the Quaich. An indication of how special this annual Keepers of the Quaich Induction Ceremony and Banquet has become is reflected in its past guests of honor. President Ronald Reagan and Mrs. Reagan, Prince Charles, Secretary Caspar Weinberger and South Africa's President De Klerk have all witnessed this ritual and attended the ceremonies. It is at this very formal event, complete with all the related pageantry, that the induction of the most respected individuals from around the world are chosen to be so honored by the international Scotch whisky industry.

Following the induction ceremonies, Dr. McCoy and his fellow inductees attended a banquet in their honor in The Great Hall. At the head table were the Grand Master, His Grace the Duke of Argyll and Her Grace the Duchess. Joining the Grand Master were the Lord and Lady Macfarlane of Bearsden, Sir George and Lady Bull, The Viscount and Viscountess Thurso and Mr. Edgar Bronfman, Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer of The Seagram Company, Ltd. The guest list included a virtual "who's who" of the international Scotch whisky industry.

Dr. McCoy's activities related to Scotch Single Malt Whisky have been known for some time. It is believed that his extensive educational efforts to teach the responsible enjoyment of the unique and characterful Scotch single malt, his endeavors to inform the public of its exceptional and ageless qualities, and his many fund raising activities for several worthy causes account for his nomination and subsequent induction into the Keepers of the Quaich. Dr. McCoy's efforts include the endowment of a full semester scholarship for economically deprived students; fund raising activities and support of Pediatric AIDS, The American Heart Association, The American Breast Cancer Society, Dunblane Children's Fund (Dunblane, Scotland), the "Kilts For Cops" fund to raise moneys to equip the Lincoln, New Hampshire, Police Department with kilts, General Norman Schwarzkopf’s Boggy Creek Gang, Public Television, founding The International Order of Scotch Single Malt Whisky Connoisseurs and numerous local charities.

Dr. McCoy has been a full-time faculty member for twenty-eight years and is currently the Chairman of the Photography Department at Eastfield College of the Dallas County Community College District. He has made twelve trips to Scotland and lived on Scotch whisky distillery premises for a week at a time in order to produce what has been called "the most definitive photographic study of the production of the Scotch Single Malt Whisky." A book on the subject is nearing completion. Upon retirement from his teaching profession in the next few years, Dr. McCoy plans on creating photographic studies of the Scottish landscape and the Scotch whisky industry, pursuing his writing and publishing interests and continuing his international seminars and tastings entitled, "Scotch Single Malt Whisky: The Taste, History and Mystique."

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