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Meet The Scotch Doc:
Dr. David McCoy

  • Internationally known and respected educator and conductor of Scotch Single Malt Whisky seminars and tastings. Locations have included Scotland, France, Disney World, New York City, Chicago, New Mexico, Arkansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Harvard and numerous private party events.
  • An ardent student of "anything Scottish" and has assembled a library of over 200 books and video tapes on Scotch Whisky and Scotland

  • Developed and owns one of the largest and most comprehensive/diverse Scotch Single Malt Whisky collections anywhere. Included are over 800 sealed, full-sized bottles from 127 distilleries. Rarities include one bottle distilled in 1892.

  • "Moonshine Runner" – As an eight-year-old, Dr. McCoy served as a "lookout" for his dad while sitting in the "Rumble Seat" of a 1938 Ford Coupe astride several cases of his uncle’s moonshine that being delivered to bootleggers in Arkansas and Oklahoma.

  • Life member of The Keepers of the Quaich Society, the most prestigious and exclusive society in the international liquor industry

  • Honorary Knight -- The Order of Saint Andrew

  • Earned a Doctorate of Education Degree and has been professor and Department Head for over thirty years -- Eastfield College, Dallas, Texas
  • Produced a one-hour video of one of The Scotch Doc's complete live seminar/tastings

  • Established the unique "Scotch For Scholarships" program, which has endowed a full semester scholarship for economically disadvantaged students

  • Helped raise thousands of dollars for several worthy causes in the U.S. and Scotland
  • Featured on television programs and in publications in Scotland, France and the U. S.

  • Served as an "expert witness" to an inter- national law firm in a legal proceeding concerning Scotch Single Malt Whisky
  • The Scotch Doc further reveals his passion for life's basic and "real" experiences in his alias as "The Country Doctor." Join him as this "country-boy-at- heart" replaces his kilt and professor's cloak with cowboy boots and blue jeans and tugs at your heartstrings with his straight-from-the-heart, boot-scootin', sawdust-movin', belt-buckle-rubbin' "Honky-Tonk Country Music Review." (This audio experience does not justify a "Jack-and-Coke" deviation.)

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