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The Scotch Single Malt Whisky Bar of Distinction

Personal Category
(With purposeful intent, only the Scotch Single Malt Whisky is considered in this document.)

Introduction | Basic Requirements | Services & Certification

Other Considerations

A professional educational development program, preferably at the candidates personal bar, would be required to educate the bar owner on the previously outlined characteristics of the Scotch Single Malt Whisky. A one time tasting/seminar is recommended at the initiation of the "Scotch Doc Bar of Distinction." After this initial session, the client may attend one of the several regularly scheduled tasting/seminars conducted by The Scotch Doc, as desired.

Special Services Provided by the Scotch Doc

  • Seminars and professional development services for the client and associates.

  • Formal and informal tasting sessions for groups of any size. These social mixers are excellent "ice-breaker " events for private parties, business conventions, sessions and conferences of any size. They can be tailored to fit most any time and group size requirements.
  • A "personal appearance " by The Scotch Doc. In this situation The Scotch Doc appears in full kilt and accessories and "mingles " with the guests to informally answer questions, discuss and serve the Scotch single malt. Another format would be to set the Scotch Doc up in a corner of the room, or in an adjacent room, with a selection of Scotch single malts, and allow the guests to come to him.
  • Serve as a "special bartender," in concert with the regular bar staff, to serve and discuss the Scotch single malt.
  • Consultation services related to the Scotch single malt.
  • Consultation services pertaining to the inventory of a Scotch single malt bar.

The Value of the "Scotch Single Malt Bar of Distinction" Certification

The value of being designated a Scotch Doc "Scotch Single Malt Bar of Distinction" are truly individual. The holistic nature of a bar that includes a broad alcoholic beverage inventory, beverage depth and diversity; a high level of proprietor pride, professionalism and knowledge; and the facility ambience, will set it apart from the typical "drinking room" in the home.

Services Included With Award

  • An individual and informal, Scotch single malt educational program for the proprietor.

  • A two-hour personal appearance, and informal socializing, with the guests of the Bar of Distinction by The Scotch Doc.
  • A high quality Certification of Distinction Award, suitable for framing, signed by The Scotch Doc.


  • A one time initiation fee of $750 which includes an in-depth bar inventory setup consultation and a Scotch Doc hosted private tasting for up to twenty-five guests upon the proper stocking of said bar.
  • Expenses (if applicable) associated with the services of the Scotch Doc.

Those interested in discussing the preceeding may contact The Scotch Doc at:
Phone: (497) 216-1020 or e-mail:

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Introduction | Basic Requirements | Services & Certification

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