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The Scotch Doc "Scotch Single Malt Bar of Distinction"
and The Scotch Doc "Scotch Single Malt Store of Distinction"

(With purposeful intent ONLY the Scotch Single Malt Whisky is considered in this document.)

The numerous questions that are asked concerning the inventory requirements of a credible Scotch single malt bar, retail outlet and home bar, as I conduct my seminar/tastings, has prompted me to give some serious thought to the question. The more I considered the inventory requirements of bar and retail outlets, the more I realized that such facilities were more than a mere repository of an assemblage of alcoholic beverages. Without adequate knowledge to appreciate and dispense the continuously expanding array of Scotch single malts, the "inventory " remains little more than a "hoard " of Scotch single malt. The unique, complex, sophisticated and expensive Scotch single malt deserves much more respect and consideration than simply being arranged on a handsome or convenient shelf in a designated space.

I have worked with some of the finest steak houses, restaurants, hotels and private bar owners to assist them in offering an impressive and practical Scotch single malt bar. Such high-quality, single malt outlets consist more of "what" the collection contains than "how many" bottles are in the inventory. With this in mind, a very fine quality, private home bar can be developed with as few as a dozen bottles of Scotch Single Malt Whisky. The commercial retail outlet, however, will have to offer a greater range of malts to meet the ever-expanding desires of their clientele. After the development of a good nucleus of malts, the inventory can be expanded to suit the requirements, whims and, of course, ego of the owner.

The objectives of the individual(s) who are willing to expend the time and to allocate the space and financial resources to maintain a Scotch Doc-certified Scotch Single Malt Bar, or Store, of Distinction are, indeed, special. Such objectives may include:
  • The basic, innate desire to "have the best" personal bar or retail outlet in the neighborhood or area.
  • The ability to "impress" customers, clients and friends.
  • The desire to "present an image of distinction" and "exceptional taste."
Whatever the individual motives, more than an "accumulation" of bottles of Scotch Single Malt Whisky is required. In fact, a random "hoard" of alcoholic beverages is not only crude and crass, it is an indication of a host who is uneducated in the nuances of the alcoholic beverage and also the skills of bar management hosting. It should be remembered that a large, "intelligently selected collection" of Scotch single malts is not a "hoard." To the contrary, it is a "gastronomic library" of alcoholic beverages selected to represent the broadest range of pedigrees of the most complex and culturally entwined alcoholic spirit of all. With an investment of a few hours of time and study, the other associated investments will pay exceptionally higher dividends.

There are hundreds of Scotch single malts currently available to the consumer. They are most commonly identified by the distillery from which they come, their proof and their age. With the ever-increasing astuteness and interest level of the connoisseur, however, knowledge of several other characteristics of the single malt is required. The well-motivated bar and store owner may, therefore, desire to be able to address questions pertaining to the geographical location in which the Scotch single malt was distilled and have a knowledge of the "types" of casks in which the malt was matured. There may, also, be an interest in being able to discuss the "size and shape" of the "pot still" in which the malt was distilled. Questions pertaining to the general flavor characteristics that are imparted and influenced by the environment and geographical region in which the Scotch single malt was distilled, and/or matured, and other such questions may also be of interest.

A bar and retail outlet owner that earns the Scotch Doc "Scotch Single Malt Bar or Store of Distinction " Award is more than an establishment or individual that can only "sell or open a bottle, or pour a measure and mix a combination of ingredients with alcohol." They are able to host knowledge-based conversations for friends and clients requesting such information. The bar and proprietor that earns this award provides their friends and clients considerably more than "a drink or bottle of whisky." They are legitimate connoisseurs and gastronomes that will be sought out for their specialized knowledge on this most unusual and exciting subject. With this criteria in mind I submit the following guidelines:

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